• Water Treatment

    Lorain Saves $175k w/ Sewer Tech

    The water department in Lorain, OH, has adopted new technology that will save the city more than $175k in the first year. Inside we detail this effort and what other cities are implementing ...

  • Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding Matches Residents w/Local Projects

    A combination of local, state and grant funding are utilizing crowdfunding across Michigan to aid public space projects. The idea is to increase community economic sustainability ...

  • Walkable Cities

    Walkability Up – Mortgage Defaults Down

    Research is showing a link between lower mortgage defaults and walkability - innovators should pay attention ...

  • soofa

    Solar Park Bench Adds QOL

    New solar park benches, funded with a sponsorship by Cisco, allow residents to relax, charge phones and tap into social media while exploring the city of Boston ...

  • No Parking Sign

    Parking App Solves Congestion

    Created by a Chicago resident, SpotHero helps your residents find parking spaces quickly and conveniently. Inside the benefits to your city and drivers ...

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