• NYC street garden

    Low Cost Water Quality Protection

    NYC has launched a 20-year, $2.4 million project to protect its waterways with curbside gardens that provide both aesthetic and environmental benefits ...

  • taiwan electric light rail

    First Wireless Light Rail Tested

    Taiwan is testing the first section of an electric light rail transit line, the first in the world, that is scheduled to begin service in early 2015 ...

  • light switch savings

    3 Strategies For Energy Savings

    Public agencies are realizing significant savings in energy costs from simple changes and upgrades ...

  • shared services police

    When to Share or Consolidate

    Cities are experimenting with shared services agreements or consolidation strategies to better serve residents, reduce costs and increase efficiency ...

  • pedestrian grants

    Grants For Pedestrian Safety

    Municipalities are taking advantage of grant programs to increase pedestrian safety and improve their walkability scores ...

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