• Waste Reduction

    MA to Ban Commercial Food Waste

    Food waste in MA accounts for 17 percent of solid waste annually. With a goal of 80% solid waste reduction by 2050, the state has set forth an ambitious plan to outlaw commercial food waste. Elements of the program inside ...

  • Parking Meter Tech

    Pay-by-Plate Tech Arrives in Parking Lots

    Pay-by-plate isn't just for tolls — Edmonton is integrating the technology into its parking lots. Costs and revenues detailed inside ...

  • Bridge Monitoring

    Saving $5M by Monitoring Bridges

    A new technology put into place by the South Carolina Department of Transportation will likely save more than $5 million on just 8 bridges being monitored ...

  • Private Parking

    Funding Recreation Centers w/ Privatized Parking

    The City of Baltimore is considering the sale of municipal parking garages to fund new recreation centers. Inside, we look at the city's angle on privatization and how it will decide where the centers are built ...

  • Recycling

    The Indianapolis Plan for 100% Recycling

    A new recycling facility should increase resident recycling activity by 500 percent as well as save enough energy to power 20,000+ homes annually. How and why Indianapolis is becoming more sustainable ...

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