• bike lane

    Iowa Cities Push Bicycle Agendas

    Cities across Iowa are looking to biking amenities as a means to increasing economic development. Learn how Cedar Rapids and others are working with state agencies to advance their efforts ...

  • Hackathon

    Boston Hacks Away at Online Permitting

    The City of Boston's office of New Urban Mechanics hosted its first Hubhacks hackathon — targeted at re-inventing the online permitting process. Learn about this and other hackathons around the country ...

  • Bus

    High Efficiency Public Transit to Boost Employment

    In an effort to help move residents more quickly and to locations where job opportunities exist, the Houston Metro is rethinking its entire transportation system. The five-year plan will not require any fare increases ...

  • Financing

    What is Value Capture & Sao Paolo’s $2B Success

    An innovative form of financing is sweeping through Latin American cities. Learn what Value Capture is and examples of implementation ...

  • Fuel Facility

    Shared Fuel Facility Grants

    Grants for shared fuel facilities are initiating efforts to cut costs and gain efficiencies in cities and towns across New York state ...

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