• One City

    Online Portal for Civic Action

    One City talks to EfficientGov about combining San Francisco’s tech industry, residents and local government to solve community problems. Read the exclusive interview ...

  • seattle public library

    Library Makeover – Community Revitalization Centers

    Libraries are getting an image makeover in an effort to play a more crucial role in social and economic development in local communities. Learn about the latest library revitalization trends such as shared services agreements ...

  • nyc street

    USDOT Local Gov Safety Plan

    Since 2009, injuries and fatalities of pedestrians and bicyclists have increased faster than motor vehicle deaths. Read what the USDOT remedy is for local government ...

  • cash savings

    Bond Refinancing Soars

    Cities are realizing significant savings after refinancing millions of dollars in bonds to take advantage of more favorable interest rates. Is it a good time for your community to refinance? ...

  • school

    Fight Crime and Poverty w/Federal Funds

    The DOJ is offering $7 million to fund community safety initiatives in neighborhood revitalization programs, while the DOE is awarding Promise Neighborhoods planning grants to strengthen school systems and career opportunities at the local level ...

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