• Christchurch rebuild smart sensor

    City Rebuilds With Smart Sensors

    After a devastating earthquake, Christchurch, NZ, is using smart sensor technology to collect real-time data to support faster decision making. Learn how citizens are interacting with the technology to help rebuild the city ...

  • construction training

    Workforce Development Project to Replace Retirees

    Sioux Falls will launch a $500,000 workforce development project to acquire and train skilled workers to replace retirees in the construction industry. ...

  • urban farm tax credit

    Tax Credits for Urban Farmers

    Cities are offering tax credits and other incentives to residents interested in building and maintaining urban farms. See what requirements must be met to qualify ...

  • San Fran transit

    San Fran Transit Plan Simplifies Bus Expansions

    San Fran is changing the way the impact of new transit projects are evaluated to make expansions easier. Read about the groundbreaking legislation ...

  • singapore traffic

    Traffic System Clears Up Congestion

    Researchers tested a digital traffic management system on Singapore’s crowded roadways. Did it work? ...

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