How Accessory Dwelling Units Can Reduce Your Housing Shortage

    Smaller housing units are all the rage in order to keep up with affordable housing demand. Learn more about how Portland, OR, is approaching this issue... ...

  • buenos aires

    New Bus Plan Kills Buenos Aires Traffic

    Designated bus lanes and improved walking areas have contributed to reduced traffic in the congested city of Buenos Aires. Read inside on how the effort has transformed a business district ...

  • Traffic Cameras

    Can traffic cams save your town money?

    Lawrence, Kansas, has installed cameras at key intersections to control traffic, but has saved much more than commuters' time. Details, white papers, case studies, contacts, and more are inside ...

  • Wa State

    WA State Votes Down Privatization Limits

    The state legislature in Washington state recently voted down an effort to hinder privatization efforts. Details of the Taxpayer Protection Act inside ...

  • School

    Vision: Schools as Community Centers

    An urban renewal project in East Baltimore, led by two local universities, is creating a new school that also will act as a community center for students as well as residents. Read inside about this visionary project ...

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