• Wind Turbine financial agreement

    $11M in Wind Revenue for Hancock County

    Hancock County, ME, created a financial agreement with a local wind energy provider that could generate $11 million over the next 30 years. Details on how tax increment financing districts help fund public projects ...

  • storm shelter tornado

    Red Cross $2 Million Grant for Storm Shelters

    The American Red Cross is providing residents of Oklahoma City with $2 million in grants to pay for the installation of storm shelters. Learn how your community can use financial assistance to prepare for natural disasters ...

  • Dealing w/ iPedestrians

    Dealing with iPedestrians

    A sidewalk for people using mobile devices was created in China to separate distracted pedestrians from other walkers. Learn how distracted residents pose a threat to public safety ...

  • public employee wellness program

    Kanawha County Wellness Plan Spurs Savings

    A West Virginia county reduced its health insurance costs and improved public employee health after adopting a worker wellness program. See what type of wellness initiatives employers are investing in ...

  • Health Center Funding

    HHS Announces $295 Million for Health Centers

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced $295 million Affordable Care Act funds will be provided to 1,195 health centers nationwide to increase access to primary care services ...

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