• millenials work

    Do You Know What Millennials Want?

    Attracting and retaining Millennial professionals is a top priority for sustainable economic growth. How do public employers appeal to this demographic? ...

  • seattle data privacy

    Seattle Serious About Privacy

    Seattle’s new privacy initiative includes guidelines for the public and private sector alike. How up-to-date are your data protection policies? ...

  • chicago predictive modeling

    Using Predictive Modeling to Find Risk

    Chicago uses predictive models to find risks and implement solutions efficiently. How could your municipality use predictive modeling? ...

  • playability park

    How to Attract New Homeowners: Improve Parks & Rec

    A new study discusses how a city’s playability score impacts quality of life and economic growth. How playable is your municipality? ...


    COPS Program Fuels Mental Health Initiative

    DOJ’s COPS grant program helps local police departments deploy community policing principles with a focus on mental health issues. Are your law enforcement officers trained to handle mental health issues in the field? ...

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