• Hand holding mobile smart phone

    Cities Increasingly Turn to Mobile Apps

    Portland, San Jose and Raleigh have all introduced new mobile apps for residents seeking information about crime, transit and maps/real estate. Read on for details of implementation and usage ...

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    Redwood City, San Carlos Share Firefighting

    An update on the plan for Redwood City and San Carlos to share firefighting services and how they will move from a hybrid plan to a shared services deal. Additionally, in depth information a new UK report on consolidating fire and EMS... ...

  • Tucson, Arizona

    Tucson Eliminates Pension Spiking

    Tucson will change its pension spiking practices, allowing the city to maintain up to 92 public employee positions. Neighboring Phoenix will continue the practice, which has created a $38 million deficit ...

  • Police

    Virtual Dispatch Cuts Policing Costs

    Virtual police dispatch is coming to Burlingame, CA, helping that city and neighboring San Mateo to save as much as $700k annually. Inside we link you to comprehensive city planning documents, grand jury studies and details of how savings will be gen...

  • Restaurant Inspection

    Restaurant Inspections Go Online, Apps Follow

    As municipalities push data online, consumers continue to win. Lincoln, NE, is the latest city to place its restaurant inspections online and we give you the reasons, outcomes and how app developers are combining this data to create useful tools for ...

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