• Private Parking

    Funding Recreation Centers w/ Privatized Parking

    The City of Baltimore is considering the sale of municipal parking garages to fund new recreation centers. Inside, we look at the city's angle on privatization and how it will decide where the centers are built ...

  • Recycling

    The Indianapolis Plan for 100% Recycling

    A new recycling facility should increase resident recycling activity by 500 percent as well as save enough energy to power 20,000+ homes annually. How and why Indianapolis is becoming more sustainable ...

  • Sidewalk Mobility

    $600k Federal Grant Adds Sidewalk Mobility

    A federal grant from the federal DOT is providing $600k to Oakland, IN, to enable sidewalk improvements. Highlights of this and other DOT grants available to your town ...

  • Energy Use

    Tying Property Tax Rates to Energy Use

    Developers in Frederick, MD, may soon save as much as 75% on property taxes by building to LEED standards. How cities are utilizing federal tax credits to catalyze green development inside ...

  • School Improvement

    DOE School Improvement Grants Awarded

    The US Department of Education recently announced 2013 SIG awards. We detail cities from around the country receiving grant funding and what they accomplished in order to be eligible ...

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