• school

    Fight Crime and Poverty w/Federal Funds

    The DOJ is offering $7 million to fund community safety initiatives in neighborhood revitalization programs, while the DOE is awarding Promise Neighborhoods planning grants to strengthen school systems and career opportunities at the local level ...

  • new jersey farm

    New Jersey Farms Get Grants Boost

    The USDA’s Specialty Crop Block Grant program awarded $813,342 to support New Jersey farming initiatives. How does your community support specialty crop production and distribution? ...

  • school cafeteria

    Farm to Table School Grants

    An NY school district is using USDA funds to bring locally-sourced produce to school cafeterias. Read how school districts are collaborating with local farmers ...

  • Vancouver downtown

    Dirty Water As a New Heat Source

    A district energy utility could efficiently transport heat through Vancouver while cutting emissions by 70,000 tons. What green energy goals are your city working toward? ...

  • shared IT

    Shared IT Saves $6.4M

    Two London councils consolidated their IT services to save $6.4 million over a 4-year period. See the many options for consolidation in local agencies ...

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