• Bloomberg Philan

    Bloomberg Announces $45M to Help Cities Innovate

    Bloomberg Philanthropies this week announced that it will award $45 million in Innovation Delivery grants. Funding will help cities create teams that use data and other tools to to tackle major challenges and improve urban life ...

  • Resilient Cities Challenge

    100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge

    The application period for the second round of the 100 Resilient Cities Challenge is now open. Finalists will receive funding in the form of a grant to hire a Chief Resilience Officer, technical support and more ...

  • Community Foresty

    Community Forest Program Grants Now Available

    The Forest Service is now accepting applications for the Community Forest Program, which encourages the creation of community forests and fosters rural economies. ...

  • Unions Recognizing Need for Pension Reform

    Unions Recognizing Need for Pension Reform

    The president of the Arizona Firefighters union is in favor of pension reform that will help municipalities meet today's various budget demands ...

  • Performance Based Zoning

    Nurturing Development w/ Performance Based Zoning

    Innovative zoning concepts are allowing more flexible development environments, with government shaping project goals to achieve newer concepts in urbanism ...

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