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    Redwood City, San Carlos Share Firefighting

    An update on the plan for Redwood City and San Carlos to share firefighting services and how they will move from a hybrid plan to a shared services deal. Additionally, in depth information a new UK report on consolidating fire and EMS... ...

  • Tucson, Arizona

    Tucson Eliminates Pension Spiking

    Tucson will change its pension spiking practices, allowing the city to maintain up to 92 public employee positions. Neighboring Phoenix will continue the practice, which has created a $38 million deficit ...

  • Queen-City-Buffalo

    How Buffalo is Approaching Demographic Inversion

    After seeing its population decline for the past few years, the City of Buffalo is implementing a new Green Code for dealing with the influx of former suburban residents into its population. The tenets of its plan and how developers are working with ...


    Fort Worth Health Initiative Focusing on Mobility

    In an effort to help residents become healthier, the City of Fort Worth has instituted a Blue Zones plan that encourages nine different aspects of a healthy lifestyle. How can a City affect positive change? ...


    KC Adopts Comprehensive Energy Reduction Plan

    Rooftop gardens, alternative fuel vehicles and solar power are just three of more than 20 initiatives Kansas City is implementing as part of its Comprehensive Energy Plan. All the details inside ...

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