P25 Interfaces Primer: Overview of Public Safety Radio Interoperability

A new primer is available that helps address Project 25 (P25) interfaces that enhance public safety radio interoperability. Also, DHS has extended its P25 ISSI and CSSI conformance requirements comment period.

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group has released its Inter-RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI) and Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI) primer (review and download below) to introduce the technologies and highlight potential benefits and uses, discuss the existing P25 land mobile radio (LMR) standards, introduce challenges associated with the implementation of the standards and discuss best practices.

Many public safety agencies link their to interconnect radio frequency subsystems (RF Subsystems) with neighboring or regional systems to enhance interoperabality for mutual aid or simply to expand coverage. Incompatible radio systems are no match for the reliability of P25 radio systems, and neither are smartphones, according to a recent article on PoliceOne.com.

Obviously, compatibility is the number one benefit of P25 radios. However, it is the way that this compatibility plays out in the field that makes P25 radios so special. It’s not just about interoperability at a static incident scene. P25 radios make the difference whenever an officer is on the move,” wrote contributor James Careless.

The P25 Standard is composed of more than 80 documents that cover multiple interfaces, multiple
services and multiple features associated with each interface or service. The primer offers:

  • Overview of ISSI/CSSI technology
  • Benefits of ISSI/CSSI
  • How Project 25 standards address ISSI/CSSI
  • ISSI/CSSI planning and implementation challenges
  • Resources for effective ISSI/CSSI implementation
  • Current FPIC ISSI/CSSI Focus Group activities (Appendix)

The Department of Homeland Security has extended the comment period for the  the P25 Compliance Assessment Bulletin (CAB) addressing baseline ISSI and CSSI conformance testing requirements, as well as the latest version of the suppliers’ declaration of compliance (SDOC) template.

Review and download the primer:

20190130 Issi-cssi Primer Final 508c by Andrea Fox on Scribd

Read about Project 25 on APCO International’s website.

Learn about buying Project 25 radios on PoliceOne.com.


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