Lyft Getting Voters to Polls in Dodge City, Kansas

It's not that urbane residents can't vote, but cities are losing ground in the most bipartisan gerrymandering decade in recent history, according to CLC. election infrastructure forum
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Voto Latino and others are partnering with Lyft to help bring Dodge City voters to their new polling place for the 2018 Midterm elections.


By Natasha Bach

Less than a week after the sole polling place in Dodge City, Kansas was moved outside city limits, corporate sponsors are pledging to help voters get to the polls.

Since 2002, Dodge City had one polling place for its 27,000 residents: at the civic center. But ahead of next month’s election, officials moved it outside of the city, to a location that is more than a mile from the nearest bus stop.

The city is 60 percent Hispanic, a group which has historically low voter turnout rates, but is even lower in Dodge City. In a state where Hispanic voters, who tend to vote Democratic, could play a key role in the governor’s race, poor turnout could have wide implications.

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