$1.5M Grants for Pennsylvania Gun Violence Reduction Initiatives

The PCCD is awarding $1.5 million in gun violence reduction grants.
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Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Office is awarding $1.5 million in grants towards gun violence reduction programs with proven effectiveness. 

The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) is offering $1.5 million in grants towards gun violence reduction programs and diminishing violent crime in the state. Priority will be given to applications that offer evidence-based resources for implementation.

The PCCD aims to increase collaboration with law enforcement and reduce the number of assaults, robberies and homicides committed with firearms in Pennsylvania through grant-funded programs. Grants will be awarded to entities that provide baseline data and identify high-risk populations with measurable goals and outcomes.

Successful Gun Violence Reduction Programs

Funds should also be used to implement three crime-reduction programs in the state:

  • Operation Ceasefire: A deterrence strategy focused on educating gang-involved youths on the consequences of gun violence, rather than expending resources on youth not associated with gang activity.
  • Cure Violence Health Model: A violence reversal strategy designed to mimic the effectiveness of medical disease eradication. Implementation involves detecting and preventing potentially violent conflicts, identifying and treating those at highest risk of violence and mobilizing the community to change norms.
  • Positive Action: A program designed to develop and maintain positive behavioral patterns in youth through academics and reinforcement efforts on the part of parents, educators, counselors and community members.

Municipalities with a population of 500,000 or more are eligible for grants up to $500,000.
Municipalities with a population of 250,000 to 499,000 are eligible for grants up to $250,000.
Municipalities with a population of up to 249,999 are eligible for grants up to $150,000.

Applications for the 2018 Pennsylvania Gun Violence Reduction Initiative grants are due June 22.

Apply online through the PCCD website.

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