Smart Columbus Orders 93 Electric Vehicles for City Fleet

The city of Columbus has ordered 72 Nissan Leafs, 20 Ford Fusions and one Chevy Bolt for its city fleet, paid for with grant funding.


By Carrie Ghose

The Smart Columbus grant has helped the city buy its first batch of electric vehicles and start installing charging stations in a pledge to green its fleet.

City Council in November approved a $2 million lease-to-own deal for 93 electric vehicles that will replace aging cars in the fleet. City income taxes in a fund for fleet vehicles cover $1.7 million, while $273,000 is from the $10 million grant from Vulcan Inc. toward reducing fossil fuel consumption.

Bids are being evaluated for a $700,000 installation of charging stations at three city-owned sites, with $100,000 from the Vulcan grant and the rest from a Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission fund for easing traffic congestion and improving air quality.

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