Fellowships for Walkable Community Advocates

America Walks' Walking College Fellowship offers education for walkable community advocates.
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This opportunity is for walkable community advocates and community change agents working alone, in organizations or in professions such as public health, planning, transportation or education.

America Walks is opening registration for their 2018 Walking College Fellowship, an online education program for walkable community advocates.

The course is designed for individuals working alone or as part of an organization towards a goal that would make their community more walkable.

Modules Prep Fellows for Walkable Community Advocacy 

Through six modules, fellows will learn the science behind walking benefits, how to evaluate the environment for possible walkability improvements and much more. The six modules include:

#1 Why Walking?

In the first module, fellows will learn the ins and outs of walkable community advocacy, including jargon, the hierarchy of local and state government and how to engage with politicians and elected officials about walkability.

#2 Developing Leadership

The second module will teach fellows important leadership qualities, how to facilitate discussions on walkability and how to write grant applications for funding.

#3 Building a Movement

Through the third module, fellows will learn how to build relationships and recruit other advocates, as well as learn how to organize and promote events designed to increase awareness of the benefits of walking.

#4 Designing for People

The fourth module will educate fellows on how to envision walkable features in a community, as well as learn the impact of land-use, zoning, placemaking, and traffic calming on transportation choices and behaviors.

#5 Changing the System

The fifth module is crucial to teaching fellows how to engage in public policy discussions with experts from multiple fields, which is a key step in making a walkable community a priority.

#6 Planning Campaigns

By the end of the final module, fellows will understand every angle of being a walkable community advocate, from planning advocacy campaigns, to navigating state and local government processes.

The deadline to apply is Feb. 28 at 8 p.m., and selected fellows will be notified in late March.

Apply for the 2018 Walking College Fellowship program on the America Walks website.

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