The $45K Quiet, Electric Mini Ambulance is for Urban Areas

The UH purchased four mini ambulance to reach patients in dense urban areas.
Image: United Hatzalah

Israel’s volunteer, free EMS service has added four electric mini ambulance that can go up stairs and travel sidewalks to get to urban patients.


By Judy Siegel-Itzkovich

The United Hatzalah (UH) emergency medical-services organization has just put into use the world’s first narrow electric car, fully equipped with an automatic defibrillator and all other necessary equipment, to reach the sick and injured in spots impossible to access with other wheeled vehicles.

UH president and founder Eli Beer said the $45,000 vehicles, dubbed the mini-lance, can even get up stairs and over narrow sidewalks and streets. The first four cars, purchased with donations, have been places in cities around the country and can also be driven by disabled volunteers who are unable to mount UH ambucycles and bicycles to give first aid.

Revealed to The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday in a three-hour interview, the mini-lance was found to be totally quiet, with room for two persons, and economical because it runs solely on electric power.

Access the story on the Jerusalem Post.

“United Hatzalah is always looking to cut down our response times and enable our volunteers to reach the people in need of medical help faster. This vehicle allows us to do that in densely populated urban areas. When thinking about the next wave of innovation in the field of EMS we have to look one step further than that as well. While arriving at the patient quickly is our main goal cutting down on our carbon footprint is also very important as is providing an alternate option to big bulky ambulances on congested city streets and freeways with less of a carbon footprint than our ambucycles. The Mini-Lance allows us to achieve all of these goals simultaneously and hence, is our next step in providing fast EMS response in dense urban areas,” said UH Founder Eli Beer in a press release.

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