Natl Partnership to Examine Civic Tensions & Urban Conflict

Created by public safety and community development non-profits, PCSED will examine civic tensions and explore best practices for safe, thriving cities.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies, Enterprise Community Partners, The IJIS Institute and the Public Technology Institute have created the Partnership for Community Safety and Economic Development (PCSED) to address civic tensions occurring in urban locations across the country, according to iCERT.

PCSED will hold numerous events and webinars, produce white papers and engage in surveys.
in an effort to convene key leaders from the public and private sectors to discuss and examine civic tensions and explore successful practices in community safety.

The partnership aims to answer and disseminate answers to questions like:

  • What are the essential elements to developing thriving, safe neighborhoods?
  • Which innovative uses of technology are central to building safe as well as successful urban environments?

Purpose: Develop Best Practices to Address Ongoing Civic Tensions

American urban areas have been experiencing a rise in tension over civic interactions between the law enforcement community and “rights to freedom from potentially unwarranted enforcement actions,” according to iCERT’s press release.

Since local police are charged with maintaining safe neighborhoods and cities with fostering thriving communities, iCERT and it’s partners are sponsoring this engagement and academic effort because “both the public and policing agencies want the same thing.”

The goal of this new partnership is to elevate the conversation surrounding safe cities and counties while making positive, constructive contributions to community development,” said George Rice, Executive Director of iCERT.

The partnership will address ongoing civic tensions by critically examining both community development and public safety practices.

β€œOne of the major initiatives of this partnership will be to discover innovative and supportive public safety technologies and proven community development practices as core elements for success,” said Dr. Alan Shark, executive director of the Public Technology Institute.

iCERT has not yet posted details and events on its website, but EfficientGov will update this story as the partnership releases updates.


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