Mobile Tool’s Geofencing Engages Field Personnel

Command centers like this one can engage field personnel wih mobile tools that have geofencing.
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Secure mobile command platform uses geofencing to track field personnel and enables streaming of images from multiple still and video cameras to any device.

BETHESDA, MD. — DMI announced the availability of its Endzone Platform, a mobile-centric enterprise platform that increases responsiveness and efficiency in emergency situations. Historically, situational awareness solutions have been command center-centric, where critical field information is relayed to a central command team and then actions shared back out to the field.

EndZone flips that model on its head to enable federal agencies, field operating teams, first responders, law enforcement, and security management teams to direct and take action, and work and respond in real-time scenarios all from a mobile device.

“First response and field work is dependent on real-time situational awareness and clear, integrated communication,” said Jay Sunny Bajaj, DMI Founder and CEO. “To address this need in the market, we’ve combined the best of breed in user experience from the commercial markets and lessons learned from our work with federal agencies. EndZone delivers the best of both worlds in a user-friendly format to help those on the front lines stay safe and better perform their jobs, giving teams the eyes, ears, and real-time data they desperately need today to become more agile and secure on the ground.”

EndZone addresses the need for rapid and personal communication for organizations in both public and private sectors. By utilizing the “smart notification” approach, field team members can quickly provide a much clearer picture of their personnel in high intensity situations. These capabilities provide those on the front-line a holistic view of high-risk situations and the ability to better perform their job functions. The platform provides:

  • Unique instruction and engagement through dynamic geo-fencing technology which can move with a person and/or device to manage a particular radius of space around the person or team;
  • Highly secure communications – EndZone is FIPS 140-2 certified and utilizes AES 256-bit encryption;
  • Increased contextual awareness provided from DMI’s patent-pending, real-time video streaming technology and can view up to eight fixed and in-motion cameras including traffic cameras, EndZone mobile devices, security cameras, cameras mounted in police cars, mobile phones, etc; and
  • Increased safety for responders with improved data sharing and communication capabilities, knowing commanders are “with them” in high intensity situations.

As an opt-in emergency notification system, EndZone is a scalable, cloud or on-premise solution that provides the capability for networked communications (4G, LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Coverage on Wheels (COW), and satellite) to align with location-based technology while keeping individuals safe during a crisis. Integrated with leading biometric technology from NEC, the solution is delivered to commercial entities as well as the US military and government organizations.

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