Is DACA Trump’s Immigration Reform Straw Man?

A straw man is shown in a field. Is DACA the straw man of Trump's immigration reform efforts?
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Some activists want negotiation to save the dreamers, others feel any deal to preserve DACA but strengthen immigration enforcement will ignite ICE.


By Rafael Bernal and Mike Lillis

Democratic leaders fighting to enact the DREAM Act this year are taking fire from a surprising group: liberal immigrant-rights activists. Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus sounded off last week after top Democrats cut a tentative agreement with President Trump to pair a version of the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act with tougher immigration enforcement measures.

More recently, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was heckled in her own district over the deal, with a group of young advocates urging Democrats to pass a “clean” Dream Act while protecting the other 10 million undocumented immigrants living in the country. 

The episodes suggest the coming debate over immigration reform — a perennial headache for Republican leaders — will also be no small challenge for the Democrats. Complicating matters further, the immigration activists are a multi-faceted force with their own internal disagreements.

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Though he ended DACA, here is what President Trump recently tweeted about the registered dreamers:

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