Groups Hold Lynching Vigil at Madison County Courthouse

Groups held a lynching vigil in August 2017 at the Madison County Courthouse to acknowledge 11 lives lost during the Jim Crow era.
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Activists gathered at Madison County Courthouse for a lynching vigil to acknowledge 11 people that lost their lives in the Jim Crow era.


By Chelsea Brentzel

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Some religious leaders and activist groups in the the Tennessee Valley say some of the national rhetoric surrounding race is unacceptable. They believe progress can only be measured if history is revisited. That is why several people stood at the Madison County Courthouse steps on Sunday evening.

“It’s a remembrance kind of event for the people that lost their lives to lynching,” said event organizer Andrea Carter.

Carter said many are unaware that 11 people were lynched in Madison County more than a hundred years ago.

“For so long the attitude has been apathy. I think it’s wonderful to see the pendulum slowly shifting toward engagement, and choosing to look at our past with open eyes, and an open heart to try and do something positive with it, as opposed to shunning it,” said Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar.

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