Ford’s New Hybrid Cars for Police & Public Transit

Image: Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan

New Ford hybrid cars deliver fuel-efficiency to local law enforcement agencies — and reduce carbon emissions for self-driving taxi and livery operators.

Ford has announced further details on long-promised electric cars, and two of those could change cities.

The self-driving hybrid will initially be used for self-driving taxi service, according to Motor Authority. The self-driving car will be available in 2021 under current production planned in Michigan.

The Ford Police Responder Hybrid, which is reportedly based on the Ford Fusion Hybrid, will allow police to turn of its gas engine while idling. The new Responder Hybrid gets 38 mpg, and at around $2.50 per gallon gasoline, the vehicle could save police departments upwards of $4,000 annually over the Taurus-based Police Interceptor model.

The 2018 Responder, the first pursuit-rated model, will debut in New York and Los Angeles, according to Motor Authority. Another Ford hybrid police vehicle, likely the Responder F-150, is also being developed for 2020.


Police hybrid 2: No further details provided.

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