Chinese IPhone Parts Co. Must Fulfill Wisc. Hiring Promises

Foxconn's promise to hire 13,000 must be fulfilled to get the $3 billion from the state.
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Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker said the state’s $3 billion deal to entice Foxconn to build a manufacturing facility depends on how many workers it hires.


MADISON, WISC. — The Latest on the deal for a planned $10 billion Foxconn manufacturing plant in Wisconsin:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says critics of the state’s proposed $3 billion deal to land a $10 billion Foxconn manufacturing plant should rest easy.

Walker said in an interview Thursday on WTMJ-AM that Taiwan-based Foxconn will only get the money if it fulfills its promise to build the plant and hire up to 13,000 workers. Walker says the incentives will go down proportionately if Foxconn spends or hires less than promised.

Some Democratic critics have questioned the cost of the incentives and pointed to Foxconn’s history of making big promises on investment only to not follow through.

The Wisconsin Legislature must approve the deal in a special session expected in August.

President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that Foxconn had chosen Wisconsin to build its first U.S. plant to manufacture display screens.


President Donald Trump says that electronics giant Foxconn will build a $10 billion factory in Wisconsin that’s expected to initially create 3,000 jobs. It’s the largest economic development project in state history.

The announcement Wednesday comes at a critical juncture for a Trump administration that pledged to generate manufacturing jobs but has struggled to deliver results as quickly as the president promised. Trump’s plans for health care and tax cuts face a murky future in Congress, while his administration is bogged down by an investigation into Russia’s possible ties with his presidential campaign.

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