Naloxone Injection and Study Grants

naloxone injection kit
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Kaleo is offering naloxone injection product and funding grants.

Based on reports about donated naloxone injections, Kaléo has helped save more than 3,600 lives.

The Kaléo grants program provides naloxone HCl injection at no cost to certain qualifying non-profit organizations and other groups demonstrating need. The program is intended for first responder organizations for use in the field or for qualifying non-profits, harm reduction groups and health departments who intend to distribute product to patients facing financial hardships who do not have insurance coverage for prescription medicines.

In addition, the company is looking for proposals for investigator studies that advance science and improve patient care. Those conducting investigator-initiated studies as research efforts, where the sponsor is an investigator, healthcare institution or some medical network seeking support, either product or funding. Academic and community-based physicians and researchers may apply.

Apply for a product donation grant on

Learn more about investigator studies on the Kaleo website. 

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