$1 Trillion in Terrorism Response & Transportation Security Grants

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Find out which grants can help local governments prepare for terrorism response, including $2 million for inner city buses and millions for port and transportation security.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has announced numerous grants to fund terrorism response and secure transportation throughout the United States.

The Homeland Security Grant Program has opened $402 million in State Homeland Security Program for state, local and tribal governments in prevention, emergency preparedness and public safety response to acts of terrorism.

The Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) terrorism response program provides an additional $580 million to protect high-risk urban areas. In addition, bus systems operators and owners in UASI-eligible areas can also pursue $2 million from the Intercity Bus Security Grant Program for critical surface transportation infrastructure resilience, and protection of the public during terrorist attacks.

The Port Security Grant Program provides $100 million to provide funds to port authorities, facility operators, and State and local agencies required to provide security services to implement Area Maritime Transportation Security Plans and facility security plans.

The Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP) provides $88 million to support transportation infrastructure security activities. The TSGP provides funds to eligible publicly owned operators of public transportation (which include intra-city bus, commuter bus, ferries and all forms of passenger rail) to protect critical surface transportation infrastructure and the traveling public from acts of terrorism and to increase the resilience of transit infrastructure.

The Emergency Management Performance Grant Program provides $350 million to assist state, local and tribal governments for the purpose of providing a system of emergency preparedness for the protection of life and property in the United States from all hazards and to vest responsibility for emergency preparedness jointly in the Federal Government and the states and their political subdivisions.

The applications are due June 22nd. Announcements are expected to be made by September 30, 2017.

Tip: Some preaward costs, such as grant writing services, may also be eligible for reimbursement as on 2017. Check the official announcement for further details.

Learn more about these grants and apply on Grants.gov.

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