New York Renews Emergency Response Stockpile Logistics

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Image: NYC Emergency Management

New York renews emergency logistics contracts for largest municipal, all-hazards stockpile and related field operations with 100 shelters in the metropolis.


By Jeff Berman

Freight transportation and logistics services provider XPO Logistics said its contract as logistics manager for the New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) Logistics Shelter Support and Commodity Distribution programs has been renewed.

XPO said its role in this multi-year agreement included managing two dedicated logistics facilities that are comprised of New York City’s stockpile of emergency relief supplies, as well as expediting supplies to around 100 shelters across the five boroughs of New York City in the event of severe weather or other hazardous events being imminent.  And at the point when a mobilization order is issued, XPO said it has a 24-hour window to deploy staff and transportation resources, stage shipments, begin deliveries and manage inventory replenishments.

This new contract, NYCEM said, expands XPO’s services “beyond the primary sheltering operation to include mass feeding and other logistics needs of the Emergency Operation Center task force.”

XPO told LM that this program is staffed year-round by a five-person team that meets regularly with the NYCEM staff for ongoing program planning needs, as well as managing the warehouses and the rotation of supplies in the stockpile so as goods expire they are replaced. It added that during a mobilization or deployment, program staff can flex up to as many as 60 people, including XPO senior leadership, transportation management, procurement and warehouse operations specialists; field operations coordinators and support personnel.

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