Miami Edges out Philly as 4th Most Walkable City

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Walk Score evaluates 2,500 cities for their pedestrian access and proximity to amenities. Miami overtook Philadelphia as 2017’s fourth most walkable city.

According to Walk Score, a walkable city offers more to its residents and visitors. The most walkable cities with populations over 300,000 are New York, San Francisco, Boston and now Miami outranking Philadelphia in the 2017 Top 5 Most Walkable Cities.

Also, Fresno, Calif., moved up two spots in the top 50, with a Walk Score that increased from 45.1 in 2016 to 46.3 this year. Also of note, El Paso, Texas, also increased its ranking with the Virginia neighborhood being named one of Texas’ 10 Most Walkable Neighborhoods.

To calculate its annual rankings, Walk Score crunches the numbers on more than 2 billion walking routes in 2,500 U.S. cities. Walk Score’s algorithm incorporates access to nearby amenities like restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores as well as factors like population and neighborhood boundary data.

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