$137M in COPS Hiring Grants for New Recruits

Female officer, pregnant police officer. COPS hiring grants
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COPS hiring grants can be used for new recruits, or to rehire police officers laid off due to government budget cuts.

Municipalities can use 2017 COPS hiring grants offered through the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Community Oriented Policing Services to hire new officers, including vacancies no longer funded in an agency’s budget, and rehire officers laid off due to governmental budget reductions.

The funding can also be used to effectively rehire officers scheduled for lay off due to upcoming budget reductions.

Local governments may use awards to fund officer positions equal to 5 percent of actual sworn force strength. That’s up to 15 officers for agencies serving populations of less than 1 million, or, up to a 25 officers for agencies serving more than 1 million people.

The COPS hiring grants can support 75 percent of approved entry-level salaries and fringe benefits, or up to $125,000 per officer position, over the 36-month grant period.

Applicants are required to identify specific crime and disorder problems and explain how COPS hiring grants would be used to implement community policing approaches. According to the grant announcement, additional consideration will be given to applicants focusing on

  • Violent crime
  • Homeland security problems
  • Illegal immigration

Applications are due July 10, 2017.

Learn more and how to apply for COPS hiring grants on the DOJ website.

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