Toyota Impact Lending Partnership Provides Low Income Auto Loans

Toyota has established an impact lending partnership in PLano, Texas, that helps low income residents get auto loans for cars, like a Toyota Prius.
Three converted Prius Plug-In Hybrids charging at San Francisco City Hall

The automaker has set up an impact lending partnership that provides low income residents in Plano, Texas, with opportunities for auto loans.


By Cassandra Jaramillio

Ever since Toyota decided to move its headquarters to Plano, the automaker has worked to become part of the North Texas community, donating money and time to nonprofits and programs.

Its latest partnership, a series of grants totaling more than $1 million for Dallas-based On the Road Lending, puts a focus on getting low-income North Texans the cars they need for jobs and family life.

On the Road Lending helps people pick the right car, get low-interest auto loans and receive financial mentoring. Toyota’s grants for On the Road Lending will go toward improving technology and expanding its services.

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