Watch a Waterless Library Book Cleaning Machine in Action

How can libraries clean a library book?

Libraries can remove dust and other “cooties” from a library book with a DePulvera Book Cleaning machine.


By Kelly Faircloth

Ever wondered how they clean dirty, dusty library books? It’s this whimsical practical mini car wash, apparently. At least in Boston.

Via the Huffington Post, the Boston Public Library posted this video on Twitter, showing off their DePulvera Book Cleaning machine. According to Library Journal, this piece of very specific engineering can whip through something like 12 books a minute; “It’s compact, simple to use, and can be operated in small spaces—even within stack aisles,” and it also has an external HEPA filter! Swank. They don’t use it on rare books, of course.

Somebody loop this cute little thing unto infinity.

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