Smart City Progress 2016

Denver will receive a $6 milliongrant for connected vehicles technologies for its city fleet. smart city progress

Cities achieved smart city progress in 2016 in transportation, water resources, energy, lighting and more. Many received smart transportation funding.



By Charlie Osborne

Smart cities revolve around the idea of using new, connective technologies to make urban living more efficient, cost-effective and, in the cases of many, more environmentally friendly.

Everything from smart LED lighting systems which save power to expanding internet access and promoting renewable energy use through electric vehicle (EV) driving schemes are emerging worldwide, supported through the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, sensors, and big data analytics.

According to research firm Gartner, smart cities will house 9.7 billion IoT devices by 2020, with more vendors than ever exploring new business opportunities in smart city development, home security, and healthcare.

Read the highlights and learn about new vendor platforms in the full story on the ZDNet website. 

Read specifics about various 2016 smart city projects and 2016 smart transportation funding awards on EfficientGov:

Smart Energy

Illinois Smart Grid Meters Measure GHG, Improve Reliability

How Smart Sensors will Improve New York Power

How Smart Data Over the Grid Can Save Energy & Money

Smart Transit

Montgomery County Explores Smart Transit Through IoT


Boston Balks as City Takes Parking Meter Hike Cue from L.A.


Helsinki’s Driverless Shuttles Learn Their Routes

Self Driving Truck Tests on Columbus Area Roads

Smart Water & Smart Air

Sound Sensors Can Detect Water Pipe Leaks

Smart Cisterns Could Make L.A. Rooftops Stormwater Catchers


UK Water Monitor Trial via MK:SMART Data Hub

Video: Addressing Urban Air Quality in Real-Time

Smart Lighting

City of San Jose Deploys SmartPoles Pilot Project Combining LED Street Lighting with Wireless Broadband Technology

Street Lamps that Detect Gunfire

Smart Transportation Grants

$6M Connected Vehicles Grant for Denver Fleet

$11M DOT Grant Juices Pittsburgh Smart Transit

Columbus Transportation System Wins DOT Smart Cities Challenge

16 Cities are Getting Connected Streets Support & Tools




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