Infographic: How Do Wind Turbines Work?

This cross section shows the major components of what makes wind turbines work.
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Get the quick-and-dirty on the nine major pieces that make wind turbines work.

According to the American Wind Energy Association, there are more than 48,000 utility-scale wind turbines operating in the United States.

Texas is currently producing the most energy from wind turbines. And, there are more than 500 factories making them.

The mechanics of wind turbines are simpler than you might think. Are you curious how wind turbines work, but don’t want the engineering manual?, a company that matches residential and commercial consumers with energy plans, put together this cool infographic as a guide to how wind turbines work.

It’s a great primer for any civic leader that wants to sharpen up on the basics of wind-harnessing energy. Get ready to be blown away by the simplicity!

How Wind Turbines Work

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