Top 10 Factors for Buying EMS Body Cameras

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The widespread use of body cameras by police is leading some paramedic chiefs to consider cameras for first responders.

By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief

Recording devices are ubiquitous at many emergency incidents. Cops have body-worn cameras and police cruisers with always-on dash cams. Bystanders are recording and sometimes uploading videos to social networks before the ambulance leaves the scene. Some firefighters are wearing, often with department permission, helmet cameras. But EMS provider use of a body-worn camera is still relatively rare.

When drive cams, to capture video footage of ambulance collisions, were first introduced their was pushback from medics about being watched by “big brother.” But that concern has quickly evaporated as many providers increasingly see the technology as something that can protect them from false complaints and accusations.

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