Student Research Helps Identify Potential Threats to Critical Infrastructure

This project has the potential to strengthen partnerships among county organizations and agencies

By Faylin Mutch, alumna of American Military University

It is incredibly rewarding to be able to apply what is learned in the classroom directly to one’s career. I recently completed the course, Threat Analysis (INTL634), with Dr. Joseph DiRenzo. One of our assignments was to write a research paper and I knew I wanted to write something that had real-life application.

As a senior administrator for county government in Ohio, I don’t work in public safety, but I do work in a public works department.

My agency focuses on wastewater treatment infrastructure, which is considered to be critical infrastructure.

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Prior to Dr. DiRenzo’s course, I had not thought about whether or not our wastewater treatment plants had been subjected to a comprehensive threat analysis, so I started looking into it.

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