We’re helping local government move forward. EfficientGov is an information service that tracks innovative solutions to fiscal and operational challenges facing cities and towns around the world. Each week we write and disseminate articles that span the breadth of municipal operations, from consolidation to public safety, from pension reform to public works.

Chances are good that you’re facing significant challenges governing your city or town under limited resources. With municipal officials becoming very creative in the face of diminished state and federal aid, we believe there is a need to spread the word about how local government is evolving.

“In our efforts to become more cost-effective, we use EfficientGov to provide benchmarking data on how other municipalities have solved similar issues.”

Richard Howard, Mayor
Winchester, MA

“We find EfficientGov to be a valuable resource on cost-effective government. Even more importantly, it is very enlightening to learn how similar sized communities are grappling with same issues.”

Jane Howington, City Manager
Newport, Rhode Island

Is EfficientGov an oxymoron? According to 43,000+ local, county and state government officials, apparently not. That’s how many people we reach each week with policies and best practices for operating a more cost-effective government.

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